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At The Rainbow Centre we inspire and support children with Cerebral Palsy and adults with a stroke, MS and Parkinson’s disease, adult Cerebral Palsy, Head Injury and their families. Through a system of learning called Conductive Education we encourage and teach our children/participants to take an active role in their own development. Our children/participants learn new ways to become active and happy individuals who are proud of their own achievements and ready for life’s challenges. We focus on what you CAN DO and inspire all children/participants reach their full potential.




Crisis Appeal – Press Release Update


The Rainbow Centre thanks the public for their incredible support –  They have been able to open after

Fundraising efforts enough to keep Rainbow Centre charity going

Southern Daily Echo News Report 23rd April 2014

By Emma Streatfield

“WE’RE here to stay.”  That was the message from a Hampshire charity that just a …

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I maintained all-fours position with arm-gaiters on and lifted my head up for the length of a song.


Wat people say about us

Joseph's family - told to 'turn off the machine and go away and have another baby', Joseph now plays golf with his father!

Joseph's family

"I am a strong person because Conductive Education has given me ways to adapt movement to be safe and strong within my capabilities.
Rainbow has changed my existence in so many brilliant and positive ways - I wouldn't be as mobile and happy as I am without you." Thank You

Paula - MS Group

"We were told to prepare for a wheelchair - Patrick is now walking with two sticks"

Patrick's family