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Action CP small logoFighting for a better deal for kids with cerebral palsy – New campaign ‘Action Cerebral Palsy’ launches

A new campaign  launched in March 2014 focused on getting a better deal for children with cerebral palsy across the UK.

There are estimated to be 30,000 children in the UK with cerebral palsy.  However support is inconsistent, leading to very different outcomes for different children.  Cerebral palsy is a form of physical disability caused by damage to the immature or developing brain that occurs before, during or immediately after the birth of the child. As well as experiencing difficulty with movement, children with cerebral palsy may also have speech and language and learning impairments.

Action Cerebral Palsy is a consortium of specialist charities working with children with cerebral palsy and their families.  One of the primary objectives of the campaign will be to call for more consistent access to early and intensive support.

Amanda Richardson, Chair of Action Cerebral Palsy said:

“We see every day the amazing progress that children with cerebral palsy can make, given the right support. But we are fully aware that only a small proportion of the  1,800 children born with cerebral palsy every year receive the early and intensive intervention that can transform their lives.  By joining forces, we aim to get a better deal for all children with cerebral palsy.” 

Early and intensive intervention can lead to significantly better outcomes for children with cerebral palsy and significant future benefits for society.  With appropriate intervention, high levels of neuro-plasticity can be harnessed, allowing undamaged parts of the brain to take over some of the functions of the damaged part. A child’s motor learning at this early stage will form the foundation for the independence that he or she can achieve in later life, independence that will enhance individual outcomes, improve participation in all aspects of life, reduce the costs of social and health care, and for many, enable greater academic achievement and ability to work.

Action Cerebral Palsy will campaign for:

  •  Every child with cerebral palsy in the UK to have consistent access to high-quality services, enabling them to achieve their full potential
  • Higher expectations of the potential outcomes for children and young people with cerebral palsy
  • The earliest possible identification, assessment and diagnosis for infants and very young children with cerebral palsy
  • A national early intervention programme for young children with cerebral palsy, with ring-fenced funding
  • Better guidance and training for professionals working with children with cerebral palsy

 Paul Maynard, MP for Blackpool and the only Member of Parliament with cerebral palsy is supporting Action Cerebral Palsy.  He will be raising the profile of the campaign in Parliament, in particular calling for the formation of a national cerebral palsy taskforce to work with Government and Local Authorities to deliver improved services, such as an early intervention programme and a national cerebral palsy database.

Action Cerebral Palsy has also secured the support of triple gold Paralympic medalist Sophie Christiansen OBE who said:

“I’m supporting Action Cerebral Palsy as I know from personal experience the massive variation of help available for kids with cerebral palsy, dependent on where you live.  If children with cerebral palsy are going to reach their full potential, they should all have access to the same high-quality services.  It not only makes social sense, but also financial sense.”

 For more information or to arrange interviews please contact: or call 07909 545 014

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Read the latest press release (27th January 2015) on the 2014 Parliamentary Inquiry Findings and, click here to read the full 2014 Parliamentary Inquiry Findings report.

PORTSMOUTH NEWS reports on AN INQUIRY that heard from Hampshire parents has ruled changes need to be made to further support children with cerebral palsy and their families.

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 Consortium members of Action Cerebral Palsy are:

PACE, Aylesbury

The Rainbow Centre, Fareham

London Centre for Children with CP

Legacy Rainbow House, Ormskirk

Stick’n’Step, Merseyside

Percy Hedley, Newcastle

NICE, Birmingham

Steps, Loughborough

Paces, Sheffield

Megan Baker House, Herefordshire

Action Cerebral Palsy Update – June 2015

Click here to download

Action Cerebral Palsy Update – December 2014

MP Mark Hoban, the minister for Fareham, yesterday led a Parliamentary debate at Westminster Hall on behalf of Action Cerebral Palsy of which The Rainbow Centre is a member.  Action Cerebral Palsy is a consortium hoping to get a better deal for children with cerebral palsy across the UK and who are pushing to have vital issues such as the need for early intervention prioritised for these children to enable them to achieve the best outcome and greatest independence possible.

The parliamentary inquiry is being launched on 27th January 2015.  Click here to hear the debate led by Mark Hoban.

BBC South Today also carried the story and footage of The Rainbow Centre on their news this morning.

Action Cerebral Palsy are hoping to change the lives of children with cerebral palsy in the UK and with the New Children and Families Bill going through, the launch of the SEND Local Offer by each county council and the right to have Personal Health Budgets (PHB) created this is a wonderful opportunity.  Please share this link ( with your contacts and friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) to help raise awareness of the Action Cerebral Palsy campaign and enable people affected to add their voice to the campaign.