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Congratulations and thank you to Team Covidien

Posted: September 5, 2012 Time: 12:22 pm Written by: Kelle Russell

Congratulations and thank you to Team Covidien who completely renovated our back garden as part of a team-building project.  IT, sales and administrative staff from the Whiteley office of the US-based multi-national turned up in force to weather-proof our extensive boundary fence, dig, strim, and clear masses of metal and concrete waste. Everyone was delighted that the sun shone, although there were some thirsty workers by the end of the day.

Emma Macnaghten, corporate partnerships manager at Rainbow said “The team did a fantastic job and we are well on the way to being able to make proper use of this precious piece of open ground.  We hope some of our older children will soon be able to use it for ball games like football which will help them develop their physical skills.”