Jail & Bail – The Great Escape!

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Jail & Bail – The Great Escape!

May 16

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Would you like to be arrested? No, this isn’t a trick question so please keep reading…

On the 16th May 2018, we are looking to arrest 15 of the Solent’s most prominent business leaders, all in the name of charity.

Criminals will be arrested in the morning by Hampshire’s finest police officers (off duty but in full uniform) at their place of work.  A Town Crier will also be in attendance to ensure the general public understands that it’s a charitable event. However, make no mistake, it will feel real! In order to secure their safe release, prisoners must raise £1,000 bail money for The Rainbow Centre.

Charges will be read, the arrest will take place and prisoners will be thrown in the van and hauled off to our jail at Daedalus Airfield, Lee-on-the-Solent. On arrival at the prison, each felon will be fingerprinted and photographed before being thrown into cells.

Just before reaching their cells, our prisoners will escape and make a run for it to an airplane waiting for them on the tarmac. New identities will be issued and their getaway will begin as they take to the skies and soar across the Solent. 

Having touched back down to earth, arrestees will be treated to a hearty lunch – a small thank you for helping to raise vital funds for The Rainbow Centre. Prisoners will be formally released and given their charge sheets and fingerprint forms, before being driven back to work.

Did we mention handcuffs? Prisoners will be handcuffed at some point! But don’t worry, it’s all ‘above board’ as long as they ‘toe the line’.

The Rainbow Centre is a local charity, based in Fareham, supporting children and adults with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and those recovering from a stroke or brain injury.  We provide Conductive Education, which is a unique system of learning, effective in training undamaged parts of the brain to take control of motor functions previously managed by areas of the brain which no longer work.

We currently support children like Eduard. Eduard has been attending the Rainbow Centre since he was 3. He has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, meaning he is mostly affected in his lower limbs, but this hasn’t stopped him from achieving great things.  At The Rainbow Centre, this playful, loveable and determined little boy has learnt how to walk completely unaided and attends a mainstream school 3 days a week, spending the other 2 days at The Rainbow Centre. Eduard is a strong minded character and has dreams of becoming a world famous Paralympic athlete one day.

Every £1,000 raised is enough to fund ten 2.5 hour Conductive Education sessions for an adult or a child like Eduard. The Rainbow Centre relies on support from the community, businesses and events like the Jail & Bail to keep our life changing services running.

To sentence yourself, or someone you know, to jail contact: Lucy Rumming, 01329 225794      lucyr@rainbowcentre.org


May 16