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FREE Early Intervention places for children aged 3 years and under

Posted: October 1, 2018 Time: 12:16 pm Written by: Kelle Russell

We are delighted to be able to share some great news with you.

We are now able to offer our  Intervention services to families for free to children aged 3 and under. This includes the term they become 3.

Early intervention at the stage of greatest neuroplasticity can result in the best possible outcomes for your child and the fact that you, as parents, also attend the sessions means that there is the greatest possible benefit in terms of you assimilating the principles of Conductive Education (CE) and applying them at home to benefit your child.

Furthermore, we felt it was very important to remove any possible barrier to you and other families accessing our services at this early stage, when children have been recently diagnosed and you are already dealing with the stresses, emotional upheaval and additional expenses that diagnosis brings and you are very much at your most vulnerable.

Our Parent and Child Service offers placements for children aged from 1-3 years.  This service enables you (the parent or carer) to gain a greater understanding of how a motor disorder affects your child and helps you to encourage your child to achieve greater independence, led by an experienced conductor. 

During the sessions all aspects of your child’s development are addressed.  Planning and recording of progress are guided by the Principles of CE combined with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Below are some of the aims we want to achieve:

  • Create a happy and secure environment for the children and parents in order that they enjoy learning together.
  • Help you to understand your child’s particular needs and assist bonding.
  • Promote independence, social and daily living skills.
  • Advise parents of appropriate techniques, games and toys to encourage the development of social and play skills.
  • Help you to prepare your child for the most appropriate nursery education.
  • Provide an opportunity to move up to the Nursery setting in the Rainbow Centre which is registered with OFSTED and has been awarded “Outstanding” grades in all areas of development in both 2005/2006, 2006/2007, 2009/2010 and 2015/2016 consecutively.
  • Provide opportunities to meet other parents of children with special needs.
  • Liaise with other professionals


Each session lasts for 2.5 hours from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm.  Your child’s attendance depends upon age and ability and may be up to 5 days per week.  The size of the group may vary each day to a maximum of 6 places depending on the ability/needs of the children attending.

For the term after they turn 3 parents/carers can apply for the Government funded Early Years Funding of 15 or 30 hours depending on their circumstances.  Any hours your child attends the centre which are not covered by this will be charged at £23 per session.

We are able to accept child care vouchers and in certain circumstances we are able to offer assistance in applying for funds to help cover the costs.

If you have any questions or would just like further information you can contact the centre on 01329 289500 and ask to speak to Jo Candy.