BNI Fortress Fareham

BNI Fareham
The Rainbow Centre is delighted to have the support of BNI Fortress Fareham, a dynamic business club which meets in Whiteley every Tuesday morning. Members include printers, insurers, wine merchants, lawyers, accountants, electricians, IT and coaching guru’s to name but a few. They decided to adopt us for support when several members visited the Centre and were moved by what they saw.

Desert Trekkers

Rainbow welcomed home its desert trekkers this week! Pauls Curtis and Stephen Powell have already raised over £4,000 for the children and adults of the Rainbow Centre and expect more funds to come in over the next few weeks.

They were inspired to take on the challenging four-day march across the Sahara desert after witnessing the life-changing work which goes on at the Centre helping children and adults towards independence.

“We wanted to do something which would challenge us, was a bit different, and would raise some serious money!” they said. The pair are both members of the BNI business network group, Fortress Fareham which supports Rainbow.

Highlights of the trip were a 5.00am start to see the sun rise over the Sahara and scaling sand dunes up to 400 feet high! The only drama was Stephen investigating a hole in the sand which, horrified Guides informed him was a snake hole, fortunately dragging him away before he woke the occupant

The Rainbow Centre, were full of praise for the dynamic duo and congratulated them on raising such a wonderful sum of money.