Eaton Aerospace Ltd


Tracy Graham, HR Project Analyst and organiser of the group’s event, said the business encouraged people to run the race and raise cash as part of a corporate initiative. She added: “There are 780 people on site at Titchfield, so it’s five per cent of our workforce running from all different areas, including those in the operational side and offices. “It’s a good chance for everyone to get together, get fit and raise money for the charities. “We’ve been to The Rainbow Centre and it’s such a worthwhile charity.” She said they hoped to raise as much as possible to aid the centre’s Christmas Party for the children with cerebral palsy. The British Heart Foundation was also chosen because one of the runners, Brian Wilkes, has a pacemaker and each year tries to raise cash for the cause.

Thank you to the  Eaton Aerospace Ltd gardeners and ground clearers  who recently visited the Centre to renovate a neglected part of the garden.  The group were taking part in an Eaton teambuilding day and did a fantastic job weeding, strimming and clearing


Brian Edwards attacking a particulary large rock
Brian Edwards – Business Unit Manager, Engines, Euclid

Men at Work!
Mike Neave, Dave Bishop, Tony Stacey, Brian Edwards
Bending : Frank Dubey


The Gnomes have a new home!
These were donated by Graeme Little – Divisional IT Manager, Glasgow. He received these at the Divisional Christmas party