Portland Bussiness service and adviceAs part of their continuing support for the Rainbow Centre, Portland help us in any way they can. In 2010 Portland sponsored the Rainbow Centre Christmas Party – staff wrapped presents, made sandwiches, washed up, dressed as elves and accompanied Father Christmas…Carl Faulds, Managing Director of Portland said:

“At Portland we like to get our staff involved to contribute their time, as it not only helps the cause but also builds good team spirit and morale in the office and adds a different perspective to how we all interact with each other.

The Rainbow Centre are very grateful for their support which continues to this day. In 2013 one of the Directors Steve Godwin agreed to arrested as part of our Southampton Jail and Bail event. Calling on friends, family and colleagues Steve raised a staggering (at last count)£1500 for the Rainbow Centre as his bail money.

We would like to thank Portland for continuing a great partnership with us.