Amy & Hannah

How your donations help Rainbow

Some donors like to feel they are paying for some particular part of our service so we have listed below some discreet areas of expenditure that you might like to consider sponsoring:

A child’s place

Some children attend just one or two days per week, others more frequently. The parents make a contribution but our fundraising efforts need to pay for the remaining 4/5. If you would like to help with this please contact

Running the Centre for one week

Core costs; heat, light, staff, stationery,cleaning, telephone and IT are all essentials to support the service delivery. If you’d like to help with this please contact

Running the Saturday and holiday clubs

For many children of school age, attending the Centre during the week is not an option. For these children we run out of hours clubs, the cost of which can be separated from the mainstream service delivery. For more information contact

Advisory Service

Fund the production of materials to be used by our advisory services when new families enrol at The Rainbow Centre. This literature will advise families where they can get support and whom they can contact to help them through the process of being newly affected by motor impairment disabilities.

Adult Services

These also need financial support in the the same way as the Children’s services. If you would like to focus your help on the MS Parkinson’s or Stroke groups please contact