Weather Lottery

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You enter the Sunshine Lottery which is drawn four times per week or the Lightning Lottery, drawn weekly, or you can enter both! Top prize in the Lightning Lottery is £25,000 and in the Sunshine Lottery, £10,000.

Click here to sign up on-line or fill in a form – available at the office and don’t forget to select the Rainbow Centre as your “good cause”!

How to play

Each player chooses six numbers between 0 and 9. The chosen numbers are matched against the second digit of maximum daily temperatures in Farenheit in selected destinations around Europe. The table below shows how the results are arrived at:

Corfu Istanbul Tenerife Innsbruch Edinburgh Stockholm
83 96 81 77 62 64
3 6 1 7 2 4

So in this example a winning number is 3-6-1-7-2-4

Sunshine Lottery

  • £1.00 per entry per week
  • Four chances to win up to £10,000 (Monday – Thursday)
  • 35% of the Sunshine Lottery comes to the Rainbow Centre

Lightning Lottery

  • £1.00 per entry per week
  • Win up to £25,000 (every Friday)
  • 60% of the Lightning Lottery comes to the Rainbow Centre

The more players who sign up, the more money you will be making for the Rainbow Centre – just 250 members of the lightning lottery would give us an annual income of nearly £8,000 a year. The best bit is that YOU have a real chance of winning – the annual odds of winning the top prize is only 5,000/1.

Please help us to help ourselves.and GOOD LUCK!