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Harvey’s story – how The Rainbow Centre has helped me

Posted: October 14, 2014 Time: 3:33 pm Written by: Kelle Russell

This is Harvey who attends our stroke group once a week. He likes to keep up to date with news about The Rainbow Centre, so this week we said that he could be our story.  Here is what Harvey had to say about his progress since coming to the Centre.

“I joined The Rainbow Centre in September 2013 and since then I have learnt so much.Harvey Smart

When I started, it was very awkward and I could only just get by. Now it is much better and I have learnt to walk properly.  I can now get the papers, go to the doctors on my own and meet my wife in Fareham, so slowly but surely I am able to do things for myself, which is good.

When I started I could do little, but since joining The Rainbow Centre I have learnt much more and can do things I hadn’t thought I could.  I am also able to dress myself and do other things I was not able to do.  Each time I may try something else.  Yesterday we went outside and for the first time I walked to the car parked in the car park, which is a first.

So, slowly but surely I am trying new things and slowly I am getting them done but it may take time and I hope to win and be successful.”