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PRESS RELEASE TUESDAY 24TH MARCH 2015: How disaster shaped our destiny – 1 year on

Posted: March 24, 2015 Time: 4:57 pm Written by: Kelle Russell

From the needs of a single child to an established charity helping hundreds every year for 25 years, The Rainbow Centre has come a long way. But this time last year looked very different as we stood on the brink of financial disaster.

Set against the background of the deepest recession in living memory meant The Rainbow Centre had no reserves and was existing from month to month and although December 2013 was the best on record below expected income for January and February meant The Rainbow Centre faced imminent closure.

Crisis Campaign

But Rainbow was not going quietly. Saving the Rainbow Centre meant the organisation had to pull everyone connected with the charity together and push forward to raise the funds needed.

A crisis appeal was launched on 24th March 2014 and Rainbow was propelled into the public eye.

A crisis strategy which recognised the importance of, and focused on, clear targets concerning media and messaging was implemented. Local press, including radio and TV were engaged and many of our service users, including the children, recorded video messages that went out on social media. Parents, staff, supporters and service users all came together for a common cause.

Very soon all the effort paid off and following one major gift of £30,000 funds started pouring in at the average rate of £ 15-16,000 a week. In just 7 weeks the appeal exceeded target and went on to raise £174,000. The Rainbow Centre was saved.

This campaign became a defining moment altering the course of the charity and shaping our destiny. Trusts and foundations looked past our current financial situation and saw our value and supported us, local companies joined the fight donating cash and calling in friends. We were and still are immensely proud of the link we re-established with the local community. From one little boy who brought in his £1 pocket money to the incredibly humbling donation by a pensioner saying we deserved to share some of her heating allowance, we were rocked by the compassion of those around us. Geography also proved no boundary with support coming in from well beyond our region.

This year is The Rainbow Centre’s 25th Anniversary, a milestone that looked unlikely a little over a year ago. The value of service users, staff and the board all acting as one committed body for the good of the charity has become the most important legacy of the campaign. One year on and The Rainbow Centre is in a very different place, we can’t say thank you enough to all those who helped us. But what we can do is continue providing the help, care and assistance to all who need us.

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