For an adult a medical disclaimer form must be signed to confirm that the individual accepts full liability for participating in Conducive Education sessions and has the duty to inform the Rainbow Centre of any relevant changes of general health/condition/medication.

  • Adult participants will be requested to complete an application form.
  • If the family/individual decide they want the Rainbow Centre’s Conductive Education service, an INITIAL  ASSESSMENT/CONSULTATION will have to be undertaken for which there is a fee of £25.00.  
  • An assessment/initial consultation report will be provided.
  •  The conductor will discuss with the family/individual whether conductive education is beneficial based on the assessment/consultation.  The conductor’s decision is final.
  • Every family’s/individual’s needs will be looked at separately and the conductor will provide what is best after considering the resources and staffing levels available at the Centre.
  •  After the assessment/initial consultation a confirmation letter will be sent to the family/individual to agree and sign.  The family/individual will be notified of their key person.
  • If the Centre feels at any time that a child/individual cannot benefit from Conductive Education, the Centre will give three months’ notice in writing to the family/individual before withdrawing the service.
  •  We do not operate a first come first served basis due to differing abilities and availability in our groups.
  •  If families/individuals are not prepared to follow the ethos and practices of the Centre, notice may be served.

For more information please contact Jo Candy on 01329 289500