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Many children with cerebral palsy may be attending their local schools and spending much of their time focusing on gaining academic skills. Alongside this, however, it is very important that a child continues to learn how to increase their level of physical skill to achieve greater independence. The Saturday Clubs help to achieve this. All children at the various Saturday Clubs have their own sets of goals which are worked towards within a group environment. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children. Children of primary school age are grouped by ability and/or age. Children of secondary school age have specially tailored one hour individual sessions on a regular basis.


The Rainbow Centre’s Early Intervention Group has places available as our 3 year olds have moved up to our Nursery Group; we also have places inIMG_0053 our Saturday Club for children who are attending their main school during the week.

The children’s sessions improve the quality of life for children with Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays  and motor learning difficulties through Conductive Education working in partnership with the whole family.

 Please email Eniko Kocsis or telephone 01329 289500 


The sessions aim to:

  • Create a happy and secure environment for children in order to enjoy learning.
  • Maintain positive communication with parents to better benefit the overall development of the child and incorporate skills learned into everyday life situations.
  • Promote independence, social and daily living skills in order to become an active member of the school.
  • Liaise with other professionals by regular review meetings and reciprocal visits where appropriate.
  • Develop acceptable age appropriate behaviour
  • Build a child’s confidence and motivation
  • Actively involve the child in his/her own learning and physical education