School Liaison Visits

School LiaisonSchool Liaison Visits

This service aims to establish and maintain closer relationships with schools and relevant professionals involved in the development of children attending The Rainbow Centre.

The Conductor-Teachers visit schools on a regular basis.  During these visits the Conductor-Teacher may meet teachers, learning support assistants and head teachers to share information and experiences.  He/she may also observe the child in class, in transfer times, in PE lessons and during self-help activities.



  • Establish/maintain good working relationships with all other professionals.
  • Promote independence, social and daily living skills in order for the children to become a more active member of the school/wider community.
  • Help families to understand their child’s particular needs and challenges, what school life brings to both children and staff.
  • Attend annual review meetings and encourage reciprocal visits.
  • Promote both physical and cognitive skills enabling children to have better access to the National Curriculum in their school.
  • Keep continuous contact with all therapists in order to share experiences and to agree new aims/targets/equipment/changes.


We arrange visits to schools on a regular basis and welcome all professionals involved with the child’s development to observe the child during sessions.