School AgeSchool Booster

This service is designed to meet the needs of school aged children who have a dual placement attending their local mainstream or special needs school as well as The Rainbow Centre.

Depending on the children’s level of ability, they may join the nursery group or spend a large part of the day with school age children.  Regular review meetings and reciprocal visits are carried out in agreement with all professionals involved.






  • Create a happy and secure environment for the children and parents in order to enjoy learning.
  • Help families understand their child’s particular needs
  • Promote independence, social and daily living skills in order to become an active member of their school and the wider community.
  • Liaise with other professionals by regular review meetings and reciprocal visits.
  • Taking part in Multi Agency meetings.
  • Contributing to EHCP.
  • Promote both physical and cognitive skills enabling children to have better access to the National Curriculum in their school.


The Duration of the group is 5 hours from 10.00 to 3.00.  The child’s attendance depends upon age and ability and may be up to 5 days per week.  The size of the group may vary.