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Cash & Carried all the way to Rainbow …

Posted: January 21, 2016 Time: 11:39 am Written by: Kelle Russell

Palmer and HarveyThe Rainbow Centre would like to offer hard felt thanks to everyone at Palmer & Harvey Ltd, in Fareham.  Yvonne Campbell Community fundraiser said;

“It is hard to put into words how grateful we are for your generous donation of £2086.35 from the proceeds of your amazing Christmas Draw. You can’t really put a price on a man with MS being able to sleep in his bed rather than sat up in a chair, or a lady with Parkinson’s being able to go out for coffee with her friends. For the parents of children with cerebral palsy, seeing their child take their first steps when they had been told by doctors that they would never walk is priceless.  However, the reality is that we receive no government funding and must raise £55,000 a month to provide hope to the people who come to The Rainbow Centre for help.  Without people like the employees at Palmer & Harvey, Rainbow wouldn’t exist and your donation today will give them a brighter tomorrow.”

The following quote from the mother of 5-year-old Reuben sums up the impact that your donation will have on the lives of people we help;

“Arriving with Reuben at Rainbow was a turning point, since then we have never looked back. Welcomed with open arms into a great building with wonderful people who instantly delivered me a very strong and positive message. Reuben was a child first. Disability came second. From that moment the Rainbow staff started to achieve with him what had been previously warned to me was unachievable.  And what was so important to my family was that for the first time, we were not made to feel that my son was a tragedy. They cherished him and loved him just like we did, and the emphasis was on the amazing things he could do and not the things he couldn’t. I feel blessed and thankful my family is part of The Rainbow Centre. They have helped me help my son. Being different, the one thing I was scared for him to be, I now know is what makes him beautiful. I am a better mother to him because of what they taught me and I shall be forever thankful.”

Thank you again from everyone here at the Rainbow Centre!