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Ratchet & Cranks Amazing Challenge!

Posted: September 18, 2017 Time: 11:57 am Written by: Kelle Russell

  Zoe 3

Here is a message from Alex Hawkes. Please read about his amazing challenge…

If we are to ask people to delve into their pockets and donate some of their very hard earned money, I think that it is important to see where this money goes with a story about who you can help.

This is my daughter, Zoe. A very happy three year old who loves chocolate and Peppa Pig like so many others (adults included)! Zoe was born at 29 weeks under some tricky circumstances which left her with a huge battle on her tiny little hands from the off. After a couple of months in hospital we were told that she had Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy ( we’ll call it CP for short), but that no- one could predict the severity and we would just have to wait and see.

For the first two and a half years, whilst making progress far beyond any predictions, Zoe was still unable to sit, stand, communicate or play in the same way as her peers. The Rainbow Centre was suggested to us by a friend who had used them and, whilst we were a little resistant and sceptical of what they could do at first, we thought it wise to give Zoe the opportunity of trying out their methods called Conductive Education.

We shall now move on six months to this summer with Zoe having attended The Rainbow Centre, twice a week, since that initial visit. All the things that she was previously unable to do, she is now able to achieve in some form or another. She can sit for several minutes on her own on the floor or for much longer in a chair, stand for very short periods of time with the aid of a ladder chair and even dance in her own way to her favourite music. She can sit at a table and actually spontaneously play with the things in front of her and ask for the things that she would like to play with. We attribute these huge leaps forward with her own determination combined with the skills and education systems employed by The Rainbow Centre that are able to see her potential and unlock it. We have even had recent discussions with them about their suggestions that Zoe could be a candidate to go to a “normal” school. They do not allow the CP to limit her development and the methods they use teach and train her brain to find a new pathway if the usual one is damaged. All who work at The Rainbow Centre are amazing people that are able to do amazing things, but unfortunately they can only help a limited number of people due to limited funding that only comes from donations.

Zoe is only one person with one disability, but they are able to help people with all sorts of difficulties and brain injuries. Please go to their website @ to find out more information on the outstanding work that they do and help us to support this amazing place.

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