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Skydivers jump for The Rainbow Centre

Posted: June 29, 2011 Time: 2:30 pm Written by: Kelle Russell

On Sunday 26th June 7 people bravely gathered at Neatheravon the Army Parachute Centre waiting for their turn to do a tandem parachute jump in order to raise funds for The Rainbow Centre.

Kim Crowhurst, Nicola Layland, Thomas Stradling, Mark Effenberg, Park Baker, Roy Gillingham and Daria Kenefeck met up with Julie Woodward, Rainbow Fundraiser on one of the hottest days of the year in anticipation of jumping from 13,000 feet. The jump included a 40 second freefall followed by a 5 minute canopy ride. All 7 jumpers were smiling broadly when they got back on solid ground and some were even talking about their “next jump”.

If you are interested in doing a tandem skydive and help raise funds for The Rainbow Centre please contact Julie or Beth in the fundraising office. The cost is £500 (min) which includes £250 to cover the cost of the jump and £250 minimum sponsorship. The next date we have booked is Sunday 16th October. If you would like to jump on an alternative date please let us know as we can arrange other dates to suit.