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The Rainbow Centre receives final funds from COUNCILLOR SUSAN BAYFORD following her year as the Mayor of Fareham

Posted: July 21, 2014 Time: 9:41 am Written by: Kelle Russell

Susan BayfordThe Adult Rehabilitation Service at The Rainbow Centre was one of the Mayoral Charities chosen to support by Councillor Susan Bayford at the beginning of her Mayoral Year 2013/2014.  The Rainbow Centre’s Adult Service provides a unique form of learning and rehabilitation called Conductive Education to adults with Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and those recovering from stroke and head injury.  It helps by not only forming new neural pathways to undamaged parts of the brain but also by increasing core strength and mobility leading to a far greater level of independence and, in turn, self-esteem for all its attendees.

Councillor Bayford, who has been a long- time supporter of The Rainbow Centre in various roles from being a member of the Fundraising Team to Chair of the Board of Trustees, was delighted to attend The AGM/Celebration Open Day to present a cheque to Lucy Docherty, present Chair of The Board for £8,000 as the final contribution to her fundraising total.

This brings the donation total for the Centre to £22,724.99 which was made up by three key contributions as well as a share of combined Mayoral Fundraising:

£8,000                   from HMS Collingwood  in 2013 from part of their Field Gun Day profits

£977.24                 Barclays Match Funding

£5747.75              Peter Grimwood, Chief Executive of Fareham Borough Council

£8,000                    Share of general fundraising money raised for the three Mayoral Charities

Councillor Susan Bayford said:

“I have seen the Adult Service grow over the past few years and understand what a vital role it plays for our participants lives and I was delighted to be able to support the service.  The Rainbow Centre has come through a very hard period and the way in which the local community rallied recently  to ensure it didn’t have to close its doors was wonderful.  £180,000 in just over three months is an amazing amount of money and we just need to ensure we all go on continuing to support this vital service.  I am delighted to be able to give this final contribution of £8,000 bringing my total fundraising support to just over £22,000 which will go towards equipment as they continue to develop and expand the service. “

Centre Director, Lara Bull, said:

“When Councillor Bayford chose our Adult Rehabilitation Service as one of her Mayoral Charities we were absolutely thrilled not only because of the money we might receive through our nomination but also the opportunity to have our local Mayor helping to raise awareness about the service itself throughout the community.  Our Adult Service was formed in 2007 and has grown by word of mouth – we now work with 32 adults within the area and have the capacity to work with more people which is essential as incidents of MS, Parkinson’s and Stroke are increasing as a result of our ageing population.  For us to be able to serve an ever growing section of our community is vital as we are helping these individuals to stay out of the care system and retain their independence. “

The Rainbow Centre launched a crisis appeal at the end of March this year as they found themselves in danger of closing due to a lack of funds.   Since the appeal they have raised £180,000 in donations and now have many businesses and individuals engaging with them to support longer term fundraising which is essential to ensure they never reach crisis point again.

“It costs just over £52,000 a month to run the centre and we receive no statutory funding.  Raising awareness of The Rainbow Centre and the need for a sustainable income through our Raindrops Regular Giving Scheme or our corporate 100 Club Regular Giving Scheme is an essential part of our future plans – regular donations would provide us with a known income stream and mean that we do not face a mammoth fundraising task every month.  Since launching the appeal our regular monthly donations now total £1,830.  If any other members of our community or local companies would like to support one of our schemes they can get details via our website or calling on 01329 289500 and speaking to a member of staff.”