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Posted: March 31, 2014 Time: 9:30 am Written by: Kelle Russell

At the end of the first week all the staff, parents, children and adults want to say that thank you to the generosity of both individuals and organisations who have supported the appeal.  We are up to £75,000 (half way to our target!).

There is such a buzz here at the centre with more twitcam appeal messages being recorded and sent out as well.  Also a huge sense of relief that our cry for help was heard and has been responded to with the sense of urgency needed.

We now know that we can open in April and are concentrating hard on following up all leads to ensure the appeal carries the same pace next week.
Thank you to every single person who has donated so far from the £10 from a little boy, Daniel Hooper, who just walked in to give us his donation because “my big sister Darcie used to come to the centre and you helped her a lot” to the support from Wave 105 on Monday to kick start the appeal and the many other businesses and individuals who have responded so swiftly this week.

To be half way to our target at the end of our first week is a huge relief and we shall do everything to keep up the momentum next week.  Watch this space on Monday for lots of stories and a new update.

Lots of our parents have spoken to schools and asked if they could consider having an emergency “rainbow dress down day” so that all the children in Fareham and the surrounding areas could help to raise money – maybe parents whose lives have been touched by one of the five disabilities we support could approach their child’s school too?

BBC South Today were so delighted to hear the positive news from this press release that they are back filming with our Saturday Club tomorrow and the story will be aired at lunchtime and again on the evening news.  We are incredibly grateful for all their support in putting our crisis and this regional news on a platform we could have only dreamed of.  Please tell all your friends and facebook and twitter to encourage more followers and supporters.