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Posted: October 16, 2015 Time: 12:55 pm Written by: Kelle Russell

Logo_of_the_Royal_NavyA group of service personnel from Victory Squadron at HMS Collingwood came together recently to actively revive part of a charity run centre.

The Rainbow Centre, based in Fareham, is a charity run programme providing Conductive Education to children with Cerebral Palsy and also offers a range of specialised services for adults with motor disorders aiming to provide a better quality of life for the individual. In 2007 the charity received funding to create and open ‘The Garden of Rainbows’ which hosts a collection of items such as mirrors, herbs and wind chimes to stimulate the senses.

When the team at the centre decided the garden was in great need of some TLC they contacted HMS Collingwood who provided the man power to carry out the project. This was a mark of Collingwood’s continued support towards The Rainbow Centre, with various donations contributed from the naval base over the years.

The woman behind the garden restoration project, Office Manager Ann Stuart, said “The garden is part of the conductive education here and its purpose built, which is why the maintenance is so important. We are a small charity so it’s vital to receive the voluntary support we have today”. The charity’s CEO, Lara Bull, also added “Being a charity, you have to watch the pennies and budget carefully. This project wouldn’t be possible without the support as the garden must be suitable for anyone using it.”

The team, currently undertaking their naval training at Collingwood, got to work sanding and varnishing the wooden apparatus within the garden with the main aim to maintain the safety and preservation of the area. Among those volunteering was AB Diver Martin Boson who said of the project “It’s great to get involved with something like this and give something back to the community as charities generally have little or no funding for these types of projects”.