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Volunteer for Rainbow !

Posted: July 14, 2017 Time: 10:47 am Written by: Kelle Russell


In the past five years, we have been attracting a younger audience in the Rainbow shops not only to buy but also to work as volunteers. This is a trend we hope will continue, as younger people bring a new dimension and energy into the retail sector. So, if you have a budding sales person in your family they can always volunteer in one of our shops even for just a couple of hours once a week.

We have also been growing the vintage and retro areas, that inc bric a brac and clothes and it’s been quite successful.

There seems to be a growing acceptance that, while shopping for second-hand is largely motivated by saving money, recycling or ’upcycling’ items are now a very large factor for sales.

With continued media interest in this area, inc eBay, facebay to name a few  such activity has established second-hand shopping as an accepted part of the mainstream and long may this continue.

Our shops are always looking for items to sell that are different and retro so please go up on your lofts and see what retro gem items you may have that could be donated to your local Rainbow shop to help us raise funds.