Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Sessions

The Multiple Sclerosis Group sessions help clients develop the skills and motivation needed to overcome problems of movement and control encountered in everyday living. A participant in CE sessions will gain increased confidence and self-assurance in finding solutions to the problems faced in day to day living, with the leadership and advice of a single conductor in the group. This renewed confidence in abilities enables a more active and independent life to be led.

All aspects of living with MS are addressed. Planning and recording of progress are guided by the Principles of Conductive Education. Each client has the potential to improve from where they are. The conductor is constantly looking for such opportunities and potential.

The adult service offers placement for everybody with MS, both for those who have recently been diagnosed, and also those who have had multiple sclerosis for several years and are beginning to lose control of their mobility. Whatever the stage of the condition, Conductive Education can help.

The session aims to:

MS ParticipantCreate an inspiring, motivating and positive atmosphere for the client in order that he may enjoy learning together with others affected in a similar way.

  • Improve general quality of life.
  • Increase level of independence, social and daily living skills.
  • Increase confidence in the client’s own abilities and increase stamina.
  • Improve control and mobility including techniques to assist with tremors and shaking limbs.
  • Develop strategies for learning to move without inducing spasm or spasticity.
  • Improve the use of rhythm to help fully utilise movements.
  • Reduction in “bad” habits.
  • Improve breathing techniques to enhance speech, circulation and general well-being.
  • Reduce the fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis by finding new and different ways of using the body to assist in directing efforts and energy to the activity.
  • Provide opportunities to meet other people with MS.

Attendance: Prior to taking part in group sessions the client is invited for an initial consultation. During the one hour long session 2 conductors will ask the client to carry out some practical movements. These are aimed at providing base line information enabling the conductor to set specific individual aims with the client.

All sessions take place in small groups of a maximum of four people. Group work is seen as an essential component in Conductive Education as it enables people to work alongside others who share similar experiences. The duration of the session is 90 minutes . Family members and/or friends are welcome to attend if the individual wishes.

Sessions run fortnightly on Thursdays 10.30-12.00am &  2:00 – 3:30,  Friday fortnightly 1:30 – 3.30pm.